Church Ministries

Adult Day Time Prayer/ Bible Study Hour

For those who have retired and who are looking to fellowship and share in prayer and learning more about God, our day time prayer and bible study is on every Wednesday during the day.

General Mission Ministry

This is a ministry for those who are interested in learning more about God and fellowship with others.

Sunday Bible Study/ Community Saint Ministry

Bible Study is held every Sunday Morning. This is a great way to get your Sunday started with learning more about God and fellowship with others.

Choir Ministry

What better way to usher in the presence of God with the singing and praising our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ? If you have a voice and you have the gift to sing, then this ministry is for you.

Usher Ministry

The ushers are the official doorkeepers of the church. They help usher in the presence by assisting you in finding a seat when you attend morning worship.

Women’s Ministry

If you are looking to find out more about God and fellowship with others, then the Women’s Ministry is a great place to start. With studying God’s word and prayers, the Women’s Ministry can help assist when you are looking for a place to be able to talk about God.

Youth Choir

We want our young people to learn and express themselves through song. Our youth choir helps our younger generation to be able to understand more about God and to be able to express their love for God through song. Our goal in the youth choir is to include young people in the call to responsible participation in the life, mission, and work of the faith community.

Youth Ushers

We want our young people to learn what it means to be in service. We are happy to have our Youth Ushers, which are door helpers in our church. This teaches them the meaning of service, what it means to be an usher and why they are considered the doorkeepers of the church.

V.I.P. Dancers

We love to allow young people to experience worshiping God through Dance. The V.I.P. (Victory In Praise) Dancers allows young people to be able to be creative while also expressing themselves to God in Dance. The V.I.P. goal is to foster the total personal and spiritual growth of each young person.

Soul Saving Ministry

If you like to deal with people on a regular base, then our Soul Saving Ministry is for you. Our Soul Saving Ministry is about witnessing to others about how good God is. We do this through prayer, communication, and our commitment to changing the lives of others with our testimonies of God’s blessings.

Nurses Guild Ministry

Our Nurses Guild Ministry is designed to assist members in their time of sickness. If for some reason you have some type of sickness or emergency while you’re at worship, our Nurses Ministry is there to assist you in your time of need.

PMBC Young Women’s Empowerment Ministry

A dynamic Women’s Ministry where we go outside of the four walls of the church to develop and nurture a Christian Sisterhood among all women ages 18-58 of all races.

Community Affairs Ministry

The Community Affairs Ministry connects the critical events and happenings outside the four walls of the church to the membership and church family. Through events, special programs, and weekly updates, the Community Affairs Ministry continually educates and informs members on the latest information impacting Dallas and the daily lives of church community members.