About Us

Our History

The People’s Baptist Church was organized in 1922 in the home of Sister Alice Coleman with a small number of saints. These members had respect for the gospel ministry. They were interested in building a church predicated upon the love of God and for the love of people.

Reverend A.A. Banks was called to first pastorate. Under his leadership, the aims, objectives and doctrines of the People’s Baptist Church were launched.The first site bought for the purpose of worship was on the corner of

St. Louis Street and Jeffries Street. This was the starting place for a great church. This was the beginning of a new day, a life and a new adventure in the history of People’s Baptist Church. This was also the beginning of trials, troubles, setbacks and heartaches, but at last the stage was set for the permanent Church of God.

The History Of Leaders Of Our Church

Pastors who faithfully served the growing congregation were: A. A. Banks, T.H. Banks, Rev. Reese, A.L. King, C.A.Hinton, L.Collins, J.S.Sutton Sr., and D.C. Mitchell. In 1942 Rev. I.H.Lyons was called to People’s as Pastor. In 1952 the present location at 3119 Pine St. was purchased under his pastorate. He served from 1942-1957.

Rev. Dr. S.M. Wright Sr. was called to lead the church in April, 1957. The visionary leader re-organized the church in 1959, renaming it People’s Missionary Baptist Church. This is when the legacy of community outreach and ministry beyond the walls of the church began. The current church structure was completed in 1962. During his tenure and up to his death on November 3, 1994, Dr. S.M.Wright, Sr. impacted the city of Dallas, the State of Texas, and the nation.

His preaching was renowned and his civic leadership is still missed. At the time of his death, he was president of the National Missionary Baptist Convention of America, president of the Missionary Baptist General Convention of Texas, president of the Interdenominational Ministerial Alliance of Dallas and moderator of the Fellowship District Association. In July of 1995, Highway 175/310 was renamed the S.M. Wright Freeway in his honor. He was considered one of the first African Americans in Dallas, Texas to have a freeway named.

On November 17,1993, Rev. S.M.Wright II accepted the call and challenge of pastoral leadership. He was the youngest church pastor in history at the age of 18. His brother, Rev. C. W.M. Wright accepted the call of co-pastor at the age of 17. These dedicated leaders have continued to expand the church’s role in ministry beyond the walls, community outreach and civic matter to improve the lives of all people.

November 2015, Pastor S.M.Wright II, created an innovative program to renovate the church property. These capital improvement campaigns have been very successful in renovating the church with its many ongoing projects. As a result, we’re so proud to witness today, a new beautiful church that has been fully renovated, as of March of 2016, through prayers and donations. The church also continues to serve thousands of families each month through its weekly food and clothing services provided to the community.